2015 Travels

December 2014 was to be a defining month, I had handed in my resignation for my job and we were planning to start a bike tour from New Zealand back to Switzerland; the bikes, trailers and equipment was all ready to go but life provided us with one surprise we had not counted on.

Gaby was seeing the physio for what she thought was a muscular problem with her right hip, after massage, stretching and acupuncture there was no real improvement so an x ray was taken. Following the x ray we went to Christchurch where Gaby had an MRI and the diagnosis is Osteoarthritis in both hip joints but more advanced in the right hip.

The good news is that a combination of fish oil and cycling has enabled Gaby to continue with largely normal functions and we have decided that there is nothing gained by worrying so we are back into planning for the bike tour. The other good news is that Osteoarthritis is affected by the weather so we are resigned to having to live and cycle in tropical or warm climates so no more winters for us!

We are heading over to Singapore, Europe and Vietnam as of 18 June 2015 and returning in September 2015. The trip includes holidaying with our children in Singapore, following the Tour De France and catching up with all the relations in Switzerland and Italy, once back we are planning a cycle trip in Asia during 2016.