Singapore 2013


This year is our last opportunity to holiday as a family; Grace is at university and Mark is in year 12 at High School preparing for University in February 2015. Gaby and I decided to travel to Switzerland to visit her family (100th anniversary of the Tour de France also being a good excuse) and on the way we would holiday in Singapore with the kids, and Gaby’s Mother would also join us in Singapore. We flew out from Christchurch on Monday morning, 24 June 2013.


Singapore is one of the world’s richest nations and reportedly the world’s fourth-leading financial centre. It is also a fantastic travel destination, especially for a family, and this was our 5th trip to Singapore. It is a safe, clean and vibrant city; its multi-cultural makeup is best represented by the traditional and diverse array of food, flavours and experiences
We had 6 days in Singapore, our kids Grace and Mark flew with us to Singapore and Gaby’s mother, Hedy, flew in from Switzerland to join us for the week. The weather was hot and humid and fortunately we were not affected by the smoke which has been carried with the wind from the land clearing fires in Sumatra
Singapore is truly cosmopolitan through the nature of her population, a natural result of the country’s geographical position and commercial success. Established by Thomas Stamford Raffles as a trading post on 29 January 1819, the small sea town of Singapore attracted migrants and merchants from China, the Indian sub-continent, Indonesia, the Malay Peninsula and the Middle East
Singapore has become one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Asia, with the major ethnic groups in the country being the Chinese, Malays, Indians, Peranakans (descendants of late 15th and 16th-century Chinese immigrants to the Indonesian archipelago and British Malaya; now Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore) and Eurasians (mixed Asian and European ancestry)
Experiencing Singapore is a mix of both the traditional and the modern. New buildings showcase innovative architecture (such as the Marina Bay Sands) and yet a short walk will take you to the oldest Hindu temple in Singapore, Sri Mariamman, a central point of Hindu tradition and culture
Singapore is a dynamic city that’s rich in contrast and colour, we enjoyed both the old and the new and our encounters with the locals. The diverse make-up of the population and communities offers a different perspective of life in Singapore in terms of culture, religion, food and language. We defiantly had a great time and recommend Singapore as a travel destination
Grace and Mark flew back to New Zealand on Sunday evening (30 June 2013) and Gaby, Hedy and I flew to Zurich on Monday morning, 1 July 2013.