2017 TheBikeHike – Whangamata

15 March 2017 ENGLISH

We had awoken to a cool morning with dew on the tent; this is the first time this has occurred since 6 weeks previous, and a sure indication that autumn is here. Yesterday we were heading to Whangamata to meet up with our friends Kate, Anton and family. Unfortunately Anton had to return to Auckland for work so its just Kate and the children, Joshua, Ruby and Gabriel.

We had another relatively easy day so, as it was Gaby’s 51st birthday, we started the day with a cafe breakfast and coffee. The cycle out of Tairua was pleasant as it follows the coastline initially and then the Tairua Harbour inlet. Once over the bridge we cycled inland (highway 25) towards the only major hill climb of the day; Tramway Gully. On the way up we met a German cycle tourist on a recumbent who was completing a cycle tour of the North Island and was enjoying his ride but was not sad to see the back of the hills.

The descent was fast and we passed numerous areas that were damaged by the flooding a week ago, plenty of work over the next few months for the local council.

So now we are at Whangamata, staying opposite Whangamata Beach, a glorious spot with plenty of opportunities for swimming, kayaking, snorkelling and surfing. The sun is out and we are looking forward to a few days in the sun.

15 March 2017 DEUTSCH

Als wir gestern in Tairua aufwachten, hatten wir seit langem wieder einmal Kondensation auf dem Zelt, aber da wir zu Freunden gingen, und dort das Zelt trocknen können, ist es kein Problem.  Wir hatten unsere Sachen schnell gepackt und zum Geburtstag lud mich Andrew zum Frühstück in einem Cafe ein. Kein Porridge heute, und auch das Geschirr musste ich nicht machen, wie schön!

Es war eine schöne Fahrt der Küste entlang und wir hatten nur einen größeren Berg zu bewältigen, dann wars alles bergab und flach bis nach Whangamata, wo unsere Freunde auf uns warteten. Und sogar einen Geburtstagskuchen hat Kate für mich gemacht!