2018 TheBikeHike – Winter

8 July 2018 ENGLISH

So, here we are in Wellington New Zealand…..

2017 ended with both Gaby and I deciding to temporarily return to New Zealand so we could be around for Grace and Mark.

Mark had decided that continuing at University was not what he really wanted to do and after 3 years he moved, to start an apprenticeship in building. We hope that this will work out for Mark as its a big change from study but we are sure he will work hard and find success in this new career path.

Grace has continued to persevere with her medical studies and she has been enjoying her placements at Dunedin and Timaru Hospitals this year. Grace has a couple more years to go and then is finished; its been 6 years study so far and she is very much looking forward to finally qualifying as a Junior Doctor.

Both Gaby and I were able to find jobs and an apartment in Wellington; this is a city we had really never been to and it was an aim to live in a city as part of our journey – we thought it may have been Paris or Rome…..Gaby is working for the Government with MBIE (Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment) where she is a PA/Team Administrator with the Immigration Section. I was able to get another marine role, this time I am the General Manager for Chaffers Marina which is located in the harbour near the city centre.

We are renting an apartment on Lambton Quay and are enjoying the change in lifestyle. Gaby spent 2 months back in Switzerland at the start of the year and we are both returning back to Europe this December with Grace and Mark for a holiday. At this stage we have no fixed plans, its likely we will be here for around 3 years before continuing with our cycle touring.